Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings, Civil Ceremonies, Hand Fasting & Renewal of Vows


The Joy of this moment!  This is it!  Your special moment. Let's create something truly unique. We are a wonderful Human Race of uniquely diverse beings!


If you’re considering a Ceremony outside of the Church and a Ceremony that offers more individuality than a Register Office, I have a wealth of experience to offer.

My Role is to facilitate the exchange of Vows that set's your pulse racing with excitement. This is your choice and the scope is unlimited.

We have a blank canvas to draw upon!

Do you have ideas but perhaps no idea how to facilitate them?

Together we can discuss your dreams and priorities.

I am here to support you and create that special moment which

will flow with ease, grace and Love.


For this special Ceremony do you have a particular energetic site in mind?

Perhaps a Sacred Woodland, Waterfall, or location by Water? A Stone Circle?


In this Ceremony I will be accompanied by a Druid Friend and Brother Tim Wykes.  Together we will hold the space and energy of the circle.

I/We will discuss your thoughts and Intent. Your roles within the circle.

The exchange and binding of the ribbons.

A Loving Cup, Hand Written Scrolls of the Ceremony tied with Ribbons.

As an extra a Hard backed book copy of the Ceremony.

I am a Priestess of the Rose Line. I hold deep understanding of energetic sites.

In all Wedding, Civil Ceremonies and Hand Fastings I hold a strict rule of no alcohol until after the exchange of Vows. This is a Sacred Act. I request honourable Intent.

Why do I request this? To keep your channel as clear as possible.

This has a spin off effect within the Sacredness of your Vows.

With Love Deni x


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