Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I begin the process of creating a ceremony?

A. You can book your Free Consultation with me to talk through any initial ideas you may have about

       creating your ceremony, getting to know me and a feel for how you would like your ceremony to be. 


Q. Are you willing to travel ?

A. Yes, I am willing to travel to your ceremony location in the UK and abroad.

       Any travel costs charged will be to cover petrol over 50 miles from Halesworth, Suffolk and any possible

       overnight accommodation if required. I'm happy to discuss International travel requirements if the

       ceremony is hosted abroad.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes Once we have discussed and booked a time and date, a deposit for all Ceremonies of £100 is required.

        This is non refundable and excludes Naming Ceremonies. The deposit for this is £50.

Q. How do we start creating our Ceremony?

A. Step One:

     We will discuss ideas, music, poems, verses & vows

      all within the outline for the Ceremony. Creating your individual day.

      Confirm date, time and location. I will liaise with any Venue and Registrar for any requirements.

      Step Two:

     I will create an outline (in writing) for the Ceremony. Two copies.

      Step Three:

     Approximately two weeks before the date we will have a ceremony rehearsal


      You are free to contact me at any time through the whole process via my email or phone to ask any questions  

      as they come to mind.


    Thinking ahead and planning Costs...


     Wedding Ceremonies & Civil Partnershipss are all Bespoke and created with your vision and      

     affordability in mind..... Nothing is impossible. From £285

     Vow Renewal from £225


    Handfastings from £355


    Birth & Naming Ceremonies. A Creative Vision of Joy and Laughter. Treasured moments from £95 plus travel.

    My mission is to create a bespoke experience for you and your guests



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